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Accounts and Passwords

General Information

In order to access the University of the Aegean computing resources you will need a computer user account. Account credentials (username & password) are  given to students, faculty and administrative personel of the University. Guest and Research accounts are also available upon request.

In order to obtain an account you need to apply to the University of the Aegean Chios Network Operations Center (Chios NOC) providing official identification document(s) and contact information. Please download the application at the bottom of this page.

Please be sure to specify at the time of your application if special access to certain resources is required. If so, additional documentation and / or authorization may be required.

Account Information

The account credentials that are provided by the Chios NOC are strictly personal and should not be shared with anyone else. The University of the Aegean will never ask you to disclose these credentials for any reason.  If you become the recipient of this type of request please notify the helpdesk immediately. 

The account credentials are a username and a password. The username is assigned by the NOC but in some cases it may be suggested by you. The account password is usually assigned by the NOC. Once you receive your password you should change it immediately to another that you and only you will know. 

The use of the computer account allows you to access to the University of the Aegean computing resources depending on your access level. If you have any questions regarding your access please contact the Helpdesk.

Password Information & Rules

Your password should adhere to the following rules:

  • it should be at least 8 chars long and should satify at least 2 of the following:
    • it should contain at least one capital letter
    • it should contain at least one number 
    • it should contain at least one symbol

Furthermore, your new password cannot be the same as the old one.

Password Change

You can password can be changed  at any time. It is good practice to change your password regularly, for example every 60-90 days. You may change your password in one of the following ways:

  • Online: Visit the address . Make sure your follow the above password rules.
  • In Person: Visit the Chios Helpdesk office which is located at the basement of the Michalio building (Administration building). Please bring  your student ID or any other valid identification.
  • Via email : Send an email message attaching an image of your student or photo id to Αυτή η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου προστατεύεται από τους αυτοματισμούς αποστολέων ανεπιθύμητων μηνυμάτων. Χρειάζεται να ενεργοποιήσετε τη JavaScript για να μπορέσετε να τη δείτε. . Please include a telephone number so that we can call you with the new password information.
  • Via Fax: Send a fax copy of  your student or photo id to fax number 22710-35059. Please include a telephone number so that we can call you with the new password information.

Password Verification

You may verify your password at this address:

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